Design Retainer Packages

Monthly Design Retainer Plans

Why Do I Need A Graphic Designer?

When you’re dealing with graphic design projects that will affect the outcome of your business, finding the right creative designer is a must. Using some “specialized graphic design software” will lead to poor brand identity and stale results in many cases, which could be the end-all for a growing business.

sparking your interest

When you partner with a good graphic designer, they will follow your brand guidelines and provide new ideas to spark interest in your business. Rather than pumping out cookie-cutter graphic design work, your designer should be creating a unique branding experience that is tailored just for you.
Why go with a retainer package?

• Not everyone needs a designer on staff full time (or can afford one at this time). But if you need design work a few times a month, it’s worth having someone on stand by, such as us! You will never have to worry again about who you are going to have to get to do that next project.
• You get a discounted rate compared to my normal hourly rate.
• You have peace of mind with a guaranteed amount of work each month.
• You pay a set amount each month for the duration of your contract and don’t have to worry about fluctuating design fees.
• A design retainer covers almost ALL of our services, without having the fluctuating job costs. We’re talking graphic design, print design, *web graphics, *social media graphics, blog banners, and email templates!
• You get access to a professional designer without the overhead costs of an employee.
• We will have a dropbox paper in the cloud recording all projects, project notes, etc. to insure open and clear communication.
• You have your own personal design consultant to reach out to at any time, durning working hours of course!

What type of service can be used in these Design Retainers?

• Print Materials – sales sheets & flyers, direct mailers, brochures, event programs, signage, T-shirt designs.
• Digital Materials – email templates, social media graphics, blog banners, eBook covers and layout and web graphics.
• Ad Design – print and web ads.
• Additional services are available upon request.

How does a design retainer work?

Think of your retainer fee as our monthly salary, without all the overhead. It is paid up front at the beginning of each month before any design work is ordered. Essentially, you are paying for time versus a specific service. This allows you to benefit from avoiding those fluctuating designer fees, and supplies you with a cost savings!


Based on the retainer package you select, We will block out our  schedule with the appropriate amount of hours each month and plan our workload accordingly. You have a peace of mind knowing that you will receive a pre-established amount of work each month, without having to worry about what other clients  projects are ahead of you!

You get a discounted rate compared to our normal hourly rate. $125/hour

You get access to a professional designer without the overhead costs of apart-time or full-time employee.

You have peace of mind with a guaranteed amount of work each month.

Save time by letting the designer do the work so you can focus on what you do best in your business.

Please note: Design Retainer Packages Do Not Include:

New logo design: Logos will be charged at hourly rate of $125/hour. Or choose from our custom logo design packages.

• New Website Design: If you need a new website designed from scratch, this will be quoted and billed as a flat fee, or Our Custom Website Design Packages.

• Expenses: Services do not include additional costs like stock photography & fonts purchases, subcontractor fees, web hosting purchases and printing. We will consult with you before beginning project work to identify any fees or costs that may be billed in addition to your creative retainer agreement.For a complete design that we start from scratch, we provide two (2) revisions after initial proof. Further revisions will be charged at a standard rate of 50% of the original cost per revision. Your revisions must be provided in writing and must include all details of changes from the original design specifications to the current version. Please note: text changes count as revisions.

A Minimum 3-Month Commitment is Required.

A set number of hours is allocated each month. Please see pricing above. This is based on 10, 20 or 40 hours per month. Any overage in design time will be billed at our standard hourly rate.

Payment will be due on the 1st of each month, for the month ahead.

Unused retainer hours will expire at the end of each month, they do not roll over, as that would defeat the purpose of a project retainer.

I will let you know if we are running close to hitting your monthly hours. If additional time is needed for the month, you will be made aware before committing to pay extra.